13 février 2020

Séminaire d’Anna Rita Cantelmo

Targeting tumor vessel abnormalities as a novel anti-metastatic strategy

Endothelial cells (ECs) lining tumor blood vessels are highly abnormal and dysfunctional. This results in poor perfused and leaky vessels which facilitate cancer cell escape. Recently, I discovered that cellular metabolism drives ECs abnormalities. I observed that tumor ECs are metabolically more active and have a higher glycolytic activity than normal ECs (Cantelmo et al; Cancer Cell 2016). These metabolic alterations are accompanied by profound phenotypic changes that include loss of cell-cell adhesion and cell polarity, and acquisition of migratory and invasive properties, overall resembling a mesenchymal phenotype. We are currently investigated the transformation of ECs into mesenchymal-like cells in the context of metastasis formation, and dissecting the role of calcium homeostasis in this process.

13 février 2020, 11h3013h00
Salle Roger Monier PR2