Team 3

Based on our previous results, we propose to explore the novel concept that soluble viral transcription factors can penetrate into and significantly affect circulating non-infected B-cells. This can lead to dramatic changes in their nuclear organization, functioning and metabolism. Our research project is aimed at decryption of this phenomenon and studying its impact on the cellular and organism level. We test the hypothesis that viral infections trigger major changes in the organization of the nucleus, in transcriptional profiles and in the regulation of the mTORC1 pathway in normal B-cells whether infected by the viruses or not. This project allows us to get insight into the mechanisms that trigger B-cell lymphomas and to understand the fundamental mechanisms which drive and maintain genome stability, modulate nuclear organization and allow cells to cope with genotoxic, environmental and metabolic stresses. We are also interested in better understanding of the mechanisms involved in resistance to drugs acquired by B cell lymphomas (specially those infected by EBV) and we develop new tools to overcome this resistance.

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